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We improve basic distributional services, shortening of delivery time through an electric ordering system and thus cutting costs and reducing product prices. Also our savvy sales engineers with their sound technical & product know-how, are able to make most suitable proposals to our customers.From our extensive product line we are able to make apt proposals and select products most suitable to the customer. With constant research our team of frontline engineers strive to develop customized software and hard ware, formulate system plans, even see to their implentation from start to finish.We have received much acclaim from various quarters for implementing our customers' high level demands.
Semiconductor / Electronic component :
All kinds of integrated circuits, and circuit & machinery components.
Factory Automation Device / Component :
Contributing the most hi tech components to industry.
Chemicals / Electronic base material :
Handle integrated circuits boards as well as their sealants.
System integration / Plant coordination :
Systems that meet all kinds of needs.
Design / Development:
ASIC design and control panel design for hardware & software.

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