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Environmental Policy  
We strive to become an environmentally friendly corporation.
Hoei Environmental Policy
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Environmental Policy
Hoei Denki ISO14001(1996) Slogan
Practical protection for the earth from Hoei
Fundamental principle
Hoei Denki strives to be a conscientious corporate entity in the community, recognizing the importance of it's responsibilities in society, especially when it comes to preservation of the environment and natural resources. Great efforts are actively employed in operation procedures to ensure least damage to the environment thus improving our credibility with our customers, business partners and surroundings as an environmentally friendly corporation.
Environmental Policy
Handling semiconductors, electronic components, electronic and electric devices, control devices, appliances and electric machinery system products, we acknowledge that our business processes adversely affect the environment by consuming natural resources and energy and expelling the waste. We therefore promote environmental conservation activities company-wide, focusing on the items stated below.To ensure our performance and results, we have established an environment management system which continues to make improvements through regular review of our environmental aims and goals.
Company-wide environmental aims
  1. We strive to decrease the effects of NOx(nitrogen oxide) and CO2(carbonic anhydride) by reducing the amount of one of our most-used energy sources -Gasoline, through its efficient use.
  2. We strive to reduce the amount of waste produced from our business processes by sorting waste material for collection and recycling.
  3. We strive to keep electricity consumption to a minimum, to save energy as a means of preventing global warming.
In our operational procedures, we comply with environment-related laws and regulations relevant to us as well as other non-mandatory requirements in an effort to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

As part of our environmental policy, through in-house awareness campaigns,thorough environmental education training, and support from contractors, we strive for a heightened awareness and concern for environmental issues. Our policies are also open to the public.
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