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Environmental Policy  
We strive to become an environmentally friendly corporation.
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ISO14001 Certification acquisition
We have continued with our environmental protection work even after being accredited with ISO14001(1996) registration on 20 December, 2000. And once again on 20 December, 2003 received renewed registration after a reevaluation.

The organization responsible for conducting reviews is Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories(JET). With "Reduction of electric consumption" and "Reduction of domestic waste" as our initial themes towards environmental protection, in 3 years we managed reductions of 26% and 56% for electricity consumption, and domestic waste respectively. As this is the limit of our reduction abilities, the theme for our next challenge is "Increasing mileage per liter of gasoline."

Our current ISO task force consisting of one Provisional Environment Auditor and 44 qualified Internal Environment Auditors, is at the forefront in striving for our continued improvement with regards to our effects on the environment.
ISO14001 slogan Practical protection for the earth from Hoei

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