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Hoei Denki Co.,Ltd About Hoei
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Employee Recreation
Our liberal corporate atmosphere encourages innovative own unconventional creative thinking.
Hoei Denki Co.,Ltd takes pride in its solid accomplishments and is confident as a pioneer company in electronics trading, with an energetic young atmosphere with 40% of employees in their 20's. Our aim is to make contributions to society using our abundant experience and energy, and our unique and sensitive style which draws from our unrestrained creative culture and meritocracy.

Hoei Denki Co.,Ltd cultivates mutual friendship both inside and outside of the company through various activities.

Soccer / Baseball / Golf / kart / Hiking
Facilitates company housing for single employees in Osaka(HQ) section.

With separate housing facilities for men and women, providing a secure living environment.

Our workplace environment allows employees to work without undue stress.
*Each residence has a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, air-conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, car park.
Okamachi Senriyama Suita
Okamachi Senriyama Suita
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